Your best tech for on the move

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Current status, looking for all the great time savers with technology, without filling my teeny tiny handbags. Here are my best picks which fulfil both points and your new techy favourites.


An ode to pockets

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Person: I love your dress
Me: Thanks, it has pockets!
Know this exchange? Then we’re on the same page. Let’s talk about, pockets.


March at a glance

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The monthly round-up and some of my favourites from the past month that can become your favourites for next month. From TV, gaming and eating (of course), have a peek through my last month.


Ox Club brunch club

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The ultimate brunch club heroes in Leeds, welcome to the Ox Club. Sweet tooth treats, brunch classics and Ox Club twists will not disappoint.


The barista masterclass Leeds

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Ready to see a coffee aficionado in action? Well, you might not get that from my latte attempts, but you’ll get a look in at the new barista masterclass experience now on offer from 200 Degrees.


The Soap Factory Leeds

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You’ll be welcomed by bubbles and enticed with some perfected sweet cocktails at the newest cocktail spot in Leeds. The Soap Factory is based on the edge of the city, come with me for a look inside.


Let me introduce myself...

Based in Leeds and away from The Capital, so let's just call it North of London. I'm Phoebe and I'll be your tour guide for Leeds (and the rest of the world, given the chance). Take a peek through my online diary for a chunk of my life; the new eats, mini explorations and some fine-tuned beauty and style essentials.