Apparently it’s summer.

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24th July 2009

I think England (or my neck of the woods) has seen about a fortnight of usable sunshine this summer, i.e. able to bask in it's glorified warmth instead of sit inside wishing the warmth would penetrate the clouds... But, never the less, i like to tempt fate by having summer ish nails.
Each season generally has different shades in my mind, not to say i won't wear a pastel in the winter - but i always feel that brights and pastels belong in summer, neutrals in spring and darks for autumn/winter.

So, as my nail varnish collection has somehow quite substantially grown this year (I must suffer from shopping blackouts, i honestly only remember buying about 3 of these), these are my summer favourites of the now:

Left to right

  • Barry M '293 Grey'
  • China Glaze 'Aqua Baby'
  • Barry M '295 Turquoise'
  • Barry M '304 Mint Green'
  • O.P.I 'Done Out in Deco'
  • Per Una (Marks & Spencer's) 'Pink Cloud'
  • O.P.I 'Tropical Punch'

Barry M '293 Grey'
Admittedly, grey probably isn't the first colour you'll pair with summer (although maybe it goes with these clouds?!), but I had been on the look out for this shade for EVER - I knew Barry M had it but they never stocked it in store and the delivery was the same cost as the paint if i got it online. So, I gave up, hoping another brand would tag on, alas they did not.
Then, one memorable day - my now favourite friend text to say they had it and it was on offer, so she would get it for me :D I was honestly excited, sad but true.
So, it may not be summery, but as it has held such a special place in my heart for so long, it's only right that it gets a lovely outing in the sun.

China Glaze 'Aqua Baby'
Another (much shorter) wild goose chase ensued for this colour. I originally ventured out to purchase 'Shower Together', as seen on Tiffany D's blog/channel, once again i was at a loss when it wasn't there. I opted for this colour to cheer myself up, and thank goodness I did! I compared colours (via computer screen) with 'Shower Together' and i honestly prefer this better. Plus, being my first China Glaze product, i was very impressed - I love their formula and just wish my Sally's would stock a wider range of colours...

Barry M '295 Turquoise'
I personally would label this as a pastel blue, but this sums up summer to me, it's the perfect sky blue for the rare beautiful days (I seem to have made the weather a theme here...) , but if Barry M chooses turquoise, i suppose it will have to do - I've often been told i have issues with colours.
There isn't a story to go with this one, i just genuinely think it's a really nice colour, i think this was a winning impulse purchase.

Barry M '304 Mint Green'
Another winning summer colour, simply because it reminds me of ice cream. Specifically mint flavour, so i suppose Barry M got it right this time! Yet again Barry M has come through with a great shade! I have to say that they have one of the best ranges of colours i have ever seen - especially if shopping online. I currently own 5 of their 'nail paints' and have a mental wish list for at least 3 other colours, maybe i should take action of the 2 for £5 at Boots & Superdrug?

O.P.I 'Done Out in Deco'
Unprofessional, I know. But due to the loving rant in my O.P.I teeny bikini post - i don't feel the need to do the same again. I'll just say (and maybe repeat?) that a pastel purple, particularly lilac, is another colour that i had been searching out for some time. This time Barry M didn't come through with their 'pure purple' shade - but this is definitely a winner.
I need to compare with 'Do You Lilac It?' just to concur that i have in fact got the best lilac around.

Per Una (Marks & Spencer's) 'Pink Cloud'
This was another winning impulse. While waiting for my mother in Marks and Spencer's I took a first look at their (pretty vast) make up range. I believe they do their own, Per Una and maybe Signature? I am a sucker for pinks, specifically this sort of shade, and it is a really good polish. I have had it for a stupidly long time, but it's really lasted well; I have just surpassed the first line of writing. I would highly recommend it, but for some reason i have never ventured back to check out the rest of their colours.

O.P.I 'Tropical Punch'
Being the 'in' colour, i wanted to find a good coral, but, being me i didn't want a typical orange, so i went for the more vibrant option. My mother's reaction to this was to say it was a bit 'garish' and referred to me (in words i don't remember) as mutton dressed as lamb basically. But to her dismay, i continue to wear this shade as it's such a fun colour. I think it would look better on much more tanned skin, but that is something i will never naturally achieve, and I'm not going to work on my whole body to match my nails...well not yet anyway.

So, as you can see they are all matte toned, as in no shimmer. I do own shimmery polish, but it's rare that i wear it these days, one reason being that it's so tough to get off.

I suppose the obvious 'summer' colour is yellow - and there is an O.P.I version which has caught my eye, but Rimmel's version doesn't cut it and I'm not sure if I'm ready to branch out into that part of the spectrum.

Have you tried any yellows? What do you think?

Once it gets to October (my birthday :D), or once winter really kicks in - I'll try to remember - I'll do a winter nails blog, hopefully I'll have an even bigger collection. Right now, i think i have all the colours i need but.. I'm sure some new ones will show their faces. Especially those select few from Barry M... now, just to get paid.