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26th July 2009

This is kind of my 'holy grail' & it was one of the first make up products that I was proud of.
It was purchased from a store in Australia, Melbourne called 'Myer' (If you're ever there i urge you to check it out. It is the best dept. store I've ever been in.) and is stupidly only stocked in Australian stores.

This blog is literally for my handful of lovely followers' benefit, as i reach for this in most of my colour eyed looks, so you deserve to know what I'm using!
From looking at their website they have quite a wide range, this one isn't available anymore. Well, it was purchased in 2006...

This one is in 'Cheerleader'

From left to right; A light champagne white, fuchsia pink, purple, light green, blue and a missing gold (unfortunate dropping on the floor incident...)

It was definitely a good purchase, it was a pretty spur of the moment thing, and it must have been pretty cheap because of how willy nilly i bought it.
With primer (as i will always recommend) they last really well, and the colour pay off is pretty good anyway.

Plus, it has this nifty gadget...
The tray pulls out to reveal a mirror, and it comes with a double ended brush - which isn't of the best quality, but it doesn't let it down.

So, another day, another rave. If you ever see these products i do suggest getting them, especially for those who are just starting out or just need the essentials, they come in a really wide range so I'm sure there's something for everyone.