O.P.I Teeny Bikinis

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14th July 2009

Blog sales seem to be the thing at the moment - don't get too excited i'm not having one - and I have managed to get a few bargains from them.

The favourite is the O.P.I Teeny Bikini South Beach collection.

I got this from Jemma's blog sale, for the bargain of £8! That's just £2 a polish!
From left to right, it includes; 'Done out in deco', 'Suzi & the lifeguard', 'Overexposed in South beach' and the 'Rapidry top coat'.

Firstly let me say what a fan of 'Done out in deco' I am, pinks and purples are my favourite nail colours, and after the let down of Barry M's 'pale purple' this was just what i needed.

Done Out in Deco
As I said, this is my ultimate favouorite, it is a light purple, almost lilac, with a greyish undertone, but on the nail comes out as quite a strong pastel purple colour.
I think it is similar in colour to 'Do you lilac it?' also by O.P.I, which i'm still on the look out for as my Sally's beauty supply never stocks it. Although, maybe with this one my search can finally end!

Suzi & the Lifeguard
I was quite shocked at the quality of this colour. It is a pastel pink with a subtle iridescence to it. But, what shocked me was the even application; with my educated experience of iridescents (!) they usually go on somewhat uneven and streaky, with the same being said for nude (ish) pinks. This quells those ideas greatly, it's a really wearable pink - especially if you're going for the nude shades.

Overexposed in South Beach
Perhaps similar to 'Miami Beets'? It is a purple/red colour with subtle purple reflects in it. Right now, I am choosing lighter shades, maybe because it's summer?! But this would be perfect for my winter collection, or my toes, I generally reserve the darker or mega bright shades for my toes - especially in summer.
I'll do a summer nail varnish blog soon - let you know my favourite summer shades!

And then there is the 'Rapidry top coat'. I haven't worn it long enough to review for you - the package only got here this morning! - but i have just applied over 'Done out in deco' to my entire hand and it does speed up the drying process, as it appeared to lower the chance of smudging my polish, a real pet peeve, yet inevitibility to me.
I have to say how good the application is. They all go on super well, i generally apply two coats of all my polishes just for staying power, but i think it would only be ' Done out in Deco' that actually requires two, especially if you have a good base on.

Obviously, as suggested by the title of the set, these are minature versions of O.P.I polishes, i initially thought this wouldn't be a problem, because there are very few nail polishes in my collection that have a substantial chunk out of them. But, with just one full application (FYI, 10 nails, twice over - obvious right?) there is a substantial loss, well compared with what i imagined anyway.
I think this picure shows just how different in size it is to a regular sized pot (this colour is 'Tropical punch'). The regular offers 15ml while these only hold a tiny 3.75ml (how cute is that?!). I have to admit, my eye is drawn to the babies, they are pretty cute.
But, I think these would be good for a holiday or for touch ups maybe? The dramatic size difference by no means compromises the product in the bottle, and they can act as samples before commiting to the £9.95 (at my Sally's anyway) of a full size.

Be sure to check out O.P.I's website, as you can 'try on' their entire range of colours, alas you cannot purchase from here, but there are usually a few good finds on eBay.