19 years and 3 days old.

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4th October 2009

My birthday has been and gone for another year, but thanks to late presents and work commitments it won't really be over until next Saturday. Good times.
Thursday was the day i turned 19. After working the previous night, it meant i didn't get up until half 1, just in time for my mother getting home and present time :)

I think i've gone a bit Barbie crazy...
That would be, Paul's Boutique loves Barbie bag, purse, River Island watch, Disney Couture braclet, River Island long gloves (softest of soft) and Paramore's new album.

Skull tshirt, ASOS. 'Oh Dear!' tshirt, Topshop London (can't think of the brand).

Entire series of 'Sookie Stackhouse' aka True Blood novels.

Snuggles that are Next slippers - mmmm.
Plus, Urban Outfitters and White Rose vouchers.

And... My Hello Kitty birthday cake!

I went out for a meal with my boyfriend on the Thursday night, then unfortunatley had to go to work... But, it could have been worse, plus i got birthday drinks at 5.30am the following morning!
I spent the following day with my mum and at a family friends house, followed by a night on the town on Friday night!

I'm booked into a spa on Saturday with the bestie, and the boy is taking me to Toy Story 3d on Tuesday followed by a birthday shop on behalf of him :)

So, just 363 days to go until my birthday!