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Written about Catch-ups
30th October 2009

I think I've only done a couple of these before, but they are fast becoming one of my favourite posts to reads, so I'm going to give you my verdicts & possibly continue doing them every month or so...


  • Giles Deacon for Cadbury;
    I was among the lucky few who managed to bag a 'Nibbles' scarf for free. If you don't already know, it involved queuing on the Internet at certain sites - various pop up stores opened online throughout the day - until you were lucky enough to be asked to leave your details. I definitely got caught up in this hype!
  • Garnier Pure Active moisturiser;
    I am almost certain this is the reason for my flawless skin these days, it's the only new thing I've added to my 'regime' so it must be!
  • Eyeko Cream combined with E.L.F foundation;
    This gives the best dewy glow that I've managed to find, it didn't have the same effect when used with Maybelline's Dream Satin Liquid. I wear this combo every night at the moment.
  • Radio 1 Live Lounge - Volume 4;
    I'm always a fan of the Live Lounge and managed to pick up the previous 3. The favourites on this volume are...
    Bonkers - The King Blues
    Beggin' - The Saturdays
    When You Were Young - The Noisettes
    Candy - Paolo Nutini
    I definitely recommend this, I don't normally like acoustic stuff - but these are really good!
  • My diary;
    I don't know if it's 'cool' to keep a diary these days but I've always loved looking back at past thoughts. I have been writing a lot recently and I think it really helps to release any pent up anger or annoyance. I'm not one to kick off at stuff, so it's a great place to vent. You might think it's ridiculous I still keep one as they're associated with 13 year old girls... But Bridget Jones sure wouldn't mind!
  • Australia;
    I was only going to do five, but then i remembered - I booked my trip to Australia!! This is the beginning to my Gap Year travel plans and i can't wait! I'm going from the 25th February to 19th March. And I'm now ready to book the rest :D


  • Friends at uni;
    I've only just started missing people. I think it was the trip to Liverpool that brought it on, but i can't wait to start uni (..just another 11 months to go..) and I'm massively looking forward to everyone being back at Christmas so I'll have more people to play out with.
  • MAC Fluidline in Black track;
    This used to be my love.. I treated it well, it has not returned the favour. It's started applying really thin, meaning i have to wait for each stroke to dry then build on it in a hope of making it black - this is gradually moving further and further to the back of the drawer.
  • The gym;
    I live less than 5mins from one, and it's only £15 for a months membership, but i really don't have the motivation to go down to it and it's frustrating! I always love going once I'm there, but it's the getting there that is proving difficult...
  • Arsey/drunk customers;
    I work in a night club. There are people that have a specific amount of ice they have to have in their drink, with mixer only up to a certain level. There's people that get angry when you tell them the price - I don't make them dears...
    Then there's the drunks - inevitable when serving alcohol - most are alright to be honest, but there are a select few that kick off if you refuse to serve them more alcohol. Thank god for the bouncers to remove the annoyance.
  • Royal Mail;
    It isn't the strikes that bother me (..they are annoying), if they want to fight for a cause then more power to them, although they are indirectly passing all their business to private couriers... It's the 'Sorry you were out' slips they put through the door when there is specific instructions on the box to put it somewhere (trust me, I check when i finally get the item) and the fact you have to wait 24 hours for their 4 hour opening slot.
    Saying this, the posties in my area are lovely, especially one who is a friends dad - Postmen, I do appreciate you.

    A lot of writing there.. If you have managed to get this far, thanks for taking the time :)
    I'll gladly read yours if you link me!