April Favourites

Written about Catch-ups
4th May 2010

I rarely do 'favourite' posts, simply because I tend to use the same products for months, with maybe a couple of new products added in every now and then.
I'm not about to pull random products out and sing their praises if I'm not actually using them any more.

But, this month, there were a few products that needed praise. So, they are going to get it.

  • NYX Jumbo Pencils
    They are definitely worth the hype they get, I want to get more of them. I've been using them for liner, highlighter, shadow base, shadow itself and liner. They are so easy to work with and in most cases, really long lasting, the exception being on the lower lash line, unless you set them with eyeshadow.
  • Sleek blush in 'Flamingo'
    I've only given this loving of recent, because when I first got it, I thought it was a tad too bright. If you apply this with a normal blush brush, you're going to look flushed and not in the way I likes. I've been using this with my Sigma 188 stipple brush, just brushing it lightly across the product, I find it gives a really natural flush to the cheeks, which is great when you're going for the neutral look.
  • Femibion multi-vitamins
    Noticing my lack of vitamin B, I hunted down a supplement that contained it, they're quite rare don't you know. These were around the £10 mark, which is a little more than I like to pay, but I've noticed a substantial difference. My lips are no longer sore, plus my skin and nails have benefited as well. You're meant to take two a day, and get 60 tablets to a box. It isn't the most economical vitamin, but I'm really pleased in the effect it's had.
  • Elite Stage Permanent liner
    My previous rave post kind of sets the gist for this product. I've hardly seen any coverage on the Elite brand, but after trying a couple of other products by them, I don't see why they're not getting more hype.

  • Liner brush from the True Gold set
    A new staple to my everyday routine. I've began setting my liquid liner with eyeshadow daily, because I've noticed the difference in lasting power when I do. This brush is great because of how precise it is, I literally just trace over the line with some Carbon eyeshadow and it lasts ages.
  • A lip combo of Revlon 'Pink Pout' & MAC 'Baby Sparks'
    I'd seen Pink Pout swatches around, liked it, but didn't think I could pull it off. I got it cheap from a US blog sale, and although I like it alone, I don't favour the matte finish it leaves, so i topped it up with a dazzleglass. I love the look it gives, it lasts surprisingly long as well. Once I've mastered the dewy skin look, maybe I'll brave the lipstick alone.

The purple glitter that finely runs through the dazzleglass really picks up the purple hue that is buried in the lipstick