Aussie to the Rescue – Leeds Edition

Written about Beauty
10th July 2010

I can't begin to say how grateful I am to the Aussie people; they have put on some of the best events I have been to! I always manage to meet some great people (and some lovely old faces as well!) and with my glass never being empty... Well, there isn't much to complain about really is there?!

Wednesday witnessed the Aussie clan coming up to Leeds, putting on their 'Tour of England' event, Aussie to the Rescue. The basic concept being to offer as much help to their angels as possible. On hand was a hair stylist, make up artist and stylist - to assist us with any problems we had & to tart us up in any way we desired.

It was held in The Chambers' Penthouse, you know those apartments you see on the riverside while rolling into Leeds train station, the ones you wish you owned? I got to spend an awesome night in one!

I was the first to do the rounds, and began at the hair station. After asking for massive curls, the styling team decided I was going to get 'Cheryl Coled' or should that be Tweedyed? for the night. My hair was curled, then left to set as I finished off the rest of the stations.

Carla obviously envious of my do!

Some of us were a little braver, and Sinead allowed the hair stylist to play with her new crimper!

The make up artist chose to go with a goldy brown smokey eye, which is the exact look I opt for a lot of the time. I like that the stylists went for something I might not be able to perfectly recreate, but something that was me & didn't just go crazy with any colour they could throw on my face!

The finished look;

Yes, it's really me. I know you thought Cheryl was blogging for a minute.

The hair stylist talked me through the 'do step by step, so I might at least have a chance of recreating it. I love how much volume they managed to achieve on my fine fine hair!
If you'd like a tutorial of sorts, the stylist even suggested her own write up of a step by step guide to how to do it.. If you're interested!
Maybe I'll see if I can do it first...

The clothes portion of the night was one of the many highlights, although I was wearing both that night, I generally have trouble styling both my brogue shoes & my 'super suspender' House of Holland tights. The stylist gave me some great tips and talked me through some other styles he thought would suit me, needless to say I jumped on his advice and trawled the ASOS sale the morning after in a hope of finding any of his recommendations.

Another amazing night from Aussie, which has only made me more excited for the Aussome Volume event in Manchester on the 22nd - who's attending?! I managed to weasel my way in after being absent for my Colour Tribe party!
We ended on a tipsy high, goody bag in hand, counting down the days until the next event!

Well.. Maybe not the highest of highs, with getting locked in the apartment compound;
..And then Briony missing her train, calling for a boyfriend rescue.

Particularly looking forward to the volume + gloss spray. Smells delish and was used in my success of a volume mission.

Thank you Aussie, I'll add this to the list of great events!

Pictures courtesy of the Aussie camera & my good self.