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26th July 2010

So, if you look over to the right, you'll see that I'm actually part of the Colour Tribe for the Aussie brand, but, as I will be in fabulous Barcelona when the colour party is going on, I snook into the Aussome Volume Tribe event, which was held in Manchester last Thursday.
Never the less, I'll be looking forward to catching up with the colour tribe event when I return.

Me and a few other of the attendees arranged to meet on the afternoon of Thursday the 22nd, squeeze in some Manchester shopping, then continue into the early hours for some post Aussome fun drinks.

The event was held at the Bluu Bar, set in the Northern Quarter of Manchester centre. For once, I wasn't among the first to arrive - which meant I was faced with a room full of Blogger's, some old and new faces, which I didn't manage to talk to! Hopefully those faces that I didn't get around to speaking to, will be able to make an appearance at a future event & I won't be so subdued!
I did get to speak to Jen though, from A Little Bird Told Me- I've followed her for a long time so it was nice to finally put a personality to the fashionista.

Of course, being an Aussie event, we were supplied with beautiful cocktails throughout the night, a table full of nibbles and hairstylists on hand both to personally style us, plus talk us through a look on Jennifer and how we could recreate it.

For the tribe parties, Aussie place a 'tips' box in the room, along with notepads and pens, in order to compile an Aussie Style Bible. The idea is, to add any tips to this box, so Aussie Angels worldwide can pick up some new tricks. I added a few, although creativity was somewhat lacking after the cocktail consumption, so watch this space to see if they are publish worthy!

My challenge set to Amber Rose, the hair stylist, for this event, was Kardashian curls. After watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians & Khloe and Kourtney Take Miami, pretty much back to back, that is my latest quest.
However, as she informed me, their hair is most likely created with a heap load of extensions, something which I don't have. And, probably already has some natural thickness as they have that subtle Latino look - something again, lacking in my genes.
So, she worked with what she had, and while Kim might not be shaking in her glossy hair topped Louboutins, I loved what Amber came up with.
The best picture I have to show it off is me cropped here;

Some subtle curls in my weight lacking hair.

Despite saying I would have to be on the floor before I would take up karaoke, I obliged when I saw 'Ain't No Mountain High Enough' was on offer. Even if the wrong lyrics were available I worked with what I had. Which was then followed by a group session, with a couple of passers by poking their heads around to see what was going on. Obviously, just wanting to join in themselves!

So, before heading out with some of the other girls, we were handed our Aussome goody bags from the Aussie team (which quite honestly are the nicest PR team I have ever dealt with, both on Blogger and through work).

After having the mousse used in my hair at the Aussie to the Rescue event, I was so glad to see it nestled among the other products. Those being, the Texturising & Conditioning Gel Spray, a Max Factor Glide & Define liner (which has yet to fail me, unlike every other felt tip liner I've ever used) a gorgeous angel wing esque ring and a headband to recreate the 60s feel of the night.

Of course, it goes without saying that it was another great Aussie night, giving me the chance to meet some new people and experience a night out in Manchester!

Thanks to the
Aussie team for pulling together another unique event.

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