Bunny Stripes

Written about Fashion
7th February 2011

Please don't say you're getting bored of beautifully webcammed outfits..? Because until my technogenius gets his mitts on my bequeathed Fujifilm (currently in a coma after Carnage on Sunday), I shan't be looking into getting a new camera if I can avoid it.

Anyway, outfit.

Cardigan - H&M
Stripes - Zara
Leggings - H&M
Bunny - Accesorize
Cross ring - Forever21 via ebay
Oval ring - H&M
Paired with the Priceless shoes I wouldn't have even have realised if it weren't for LLYMLRS

The above cosy cardi was actually swapped for a friends coat in a spontaneous change before leaving for a day in town not finding 2 pots of Lee Stafford genius.
If you didn't know, Lee Stafford is on 2 for £8 in Boots at the moment. With one pot of the Hair Growth Treatment at £7.14, it would be ridonculous not to buy two. But, of course, I got the absolute last pot in Boots (they even did a stock check which I didn't know was possible) and paid the extortionate price in the hope of flowing locks.
Stupid error as I could have checked one of the other four in Newcastle, but I am too addicted to walk an extra few stores down.