Summer Wishlist

Written about Fashion
25th February 2011

The bright sunshine is telling me summer might be around the corner. I can brave uni in Newcastle with just a cardigan on, which I don't remember doing since September. With a few weeks in south America planned for Easter, I'm jumping on my summer wish list early this year.

Denim short shorts. By short I mean short. Something along the lines of Hollister I think, their denim is the only thing to fawn over in that store... shame my boyfriend doesn't feel the same. Particularly inspired by this post.

A simple dress. I love this ASOS one because I think you could easily dress it up but with simple or no accessories would be perfect for the day. It would look great with these flower detail sandals.

Something for the dressy occasions of course, this River Island tunic could easily be carried into next season with plain black tights, which seems to be so in right now.

Denim shirts seem to have been around for a while, but this River Island one looks so easy to wear on its own or wear open over a fitted dress. I'm picturing it with a brown plaited belt and sandals

Jennifer - Rosellen's most recent post on Never Fully Dressed had me fawning over this dress which is both sold out and out of my price range right now, but I fell in love. Looks very dainty and with the sheer shirt aspect brings in the fash.

A simple bikini. The Topshop striped one seems to be a classic of sorts and is right in between not too plain and not too garish.

And after eyeing up Henry Holland's new season stuff, I stumbled upon this beauty of a handbag. It's surprisingly cheap, but still not cheap enough.

Hoping to clear Hollister out while in Texas, then hopefully scoop a job somewhere so the rest of these beauties can enter my wardrobe, where they belong.