The sun has got his hat on

Written about Fashion
10th February 2011

I think Newcastle saw its first proper sunshine of 2011 earlier this week. One of the besties jokes that Newcastle will never see summer. I'm starting to believe it with the grey clouds that seem to hang over the toon most days. Time to crack out the floral print and hopefully real flowers will be following in the limited grassy areas the city has.

Top - Topshop
Trousers - H&M
Skull necklace - Topshop
Leopard ring - H&M
Deer ring - Topshop
Believe ring - Disney Couture via ASOS

Loving these scalloped edged tops from Topshop, not so much the price. Topshop seems to be getting a bit too big for its boots lately with the amount they charge for basics. This was £16, while I think I'm right in saying the plain colours are only £15. Not quite seeing the logic there as it doesn't apply to the rest of their patterned basics. If they weren't so expensive I'd be stocking up in every colour. Waiting on Primark to catch on here...

I'm not on board with Frugal February, simply because (as self depreciating as it sounds) I know I would never stick to it. Especially with the little things like snacks and magazines. But here marks the day when I really get sensible with money. I don't buy oodles of stuff but I buy a lot more than I should, especially when I'm living off a student loan. I'll allow myself a couple of new items a month, but only if I really love them. The top above is one of these, I to-and-fro'd about it, then finally gave in and I'm thinking it was worth it.
To all those who are in Frugal February, good luck for the month. Only 18 days to go! Can't wait to read an overview of the month once it's all completed. There's also the 30 for 30 challenge (as seen on A Little Bird Told Me... which I wouldn't mind attempting once I have more key pieces to pick at for a month.

Have I got any recessionistas reading? How are your challenges going?