Stateside Diner Newcastle

Written about Food
20th January 2013





Stateside Diner 
Pink Lane, Newcastle
The ultimate in comfort food is diner food. Whether you want a can't-fit-your-mouth-around-it burger or a hot diggity dog with all the extras, you can find it in your nearest American hideout.
Stateside Diner is hidden amongst the trendy and vintage on Pink Lane, right by the Central Station in Newcastle. The outer façade opens into a time travel back to the 50s. Lino booths, juke box and James Dean photos, you'll strain to find a little piece of America as American as Stateside.
Their menus have every American wish listed, at a stupendously friendly price. Start with a dressed to the nines milkshake - my favourite is the white chocolate chip, clogging the straw with the unblended bits. Mains are anyone's game, masses to choose from for every taste. My favourites are the ranges of breakfast (if you're in there after a hangover) or the hot dogs. Burgers come piled high, with a side of fries, twisty or straight, and there is always the Tex Mex section if you're after a little twisted America.
The desserts are pancakes topped with lashings of syrup or you can easily work a second milkshake into the mix if your stomach has room. Quite honestly the dessert menu goes quite unseen by me as I spend hours digesting in the shiny booths.
It's one off the beaten track but well worth tracking down if you're in Newcastle. It may not be haute cuisine, but for something other than the ever overrated Nando's or high street picks, then wind your way through the Pink Lane street for some all American comfort.