January Favourites

Written about Catch-ups
6th February 2013

Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub
My skin has been extremely well behaved this month. I would go as far as saying it's the best it has ever looked. I use this morning and evening and I'm almost certain this product is what I need to thank. It leaves skin feeling super soft but it's mild enough to use twice daily unlike some other daily scrubs.
MAC Satin Taupe Eyeshadow
It's a long time since I've shopped at MAC, but after so many people having this in their collection I figured it was a pretty good shade to invest in. I wear it in the crease with a champagne colour over the lid, or all over the lid (a la Elena Gilbert) on it's own. It has such a gorgeous finish and can be used pretty much anywhere on the eye.
Benefit Brow Zings*
I may have had a very minor at home wax disaster; basically taken the whole end of my eyebrow off instead of just tidying up the underneath. I've really embraced my brows in the past few months so this was pretty gutting. I generally just use the powder from the light Brow Zings on a day time, then add in the gel for evening. Applied with a stiff, angled eyeshadow brush, you can truly create whatever shape you want with this product and have it last the whole day and well into the night. 
Fade Out Moisturiser
A complete new product to my repertoire. I have never heard anything about this good or bad but after realising my main skin problem is redness from previous breakouts I thought I'd give it a go. I'm in my third week of a recommended four week twice daily usage and I am loving it. It has faded the marks on my chin amazingly which has made a world of difference to my bare skin confidence. But, when the four weeks are up I'll do an in depth review to give you the full story.
Random favourites...
H20 - Yes, simple and easy water. I have finally upped my intake (all thanks to the iDrated app on iPhone) and my skin is praising me for it. If you're having a few skin hang ups and aren't already downing bottles of the stuff, give it a go because it's cleared mine up in a matter of weeks. I aim for at least 1.5 litres a day, but start small and gradually increase your intake.
The Carrie Diaries (trailer!) - This is the prequel to Sex & the City if you aren't already familiar with the books, following Carrie through her teenage years. I loved the book version, but the TV counterpart has just begun and I am obsessed. I absolutely love the casting of Anna Sophie Robb as Carrie and it has me lusting after the supposedly 80s fashion styles. 
The gym - I'm finally back at the gym after almost a year off. It feels amazing just to move again! I've invested in an entirely new gym kit and have incorporated a few new exercises into my routine. The discovery of 8tracks has made the transition back into exercise even easier. 
Finally into a healthy routine that I'm enjoying (as is my skin) and definitely in possession of some ultimate favourite products. What have you been loving this month?