The Biscuit Factory Newcastle

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3rd February 2013




I'm on a mission to track down all the indie eateries around Newcastle before my third (and final!) year is up. For a friend's birthday lunch we decided to sample The Biscuit Factory. It's smushed in the middle of factories and warehouses on the edge of Shieldfield, but is much more welcoming than the metal buildings its surrounded by.

The majority of the building is made up of an art gallery, with a restaurant on the ground floor, cafe on the first and a gift shop. We sampled the cafe upstairs, with a terrace area at the ready for when there isn't four inches of snow on the ground and more still falling.
The cafe is the absolute perfect lunch destination. Paninis, sandwiches, salads, bagels - the standard for lunch. And a daily changing selection of freshly baked cakes and pastries.

My choice was the brie and bacon panini with a beautifully dressed salad with the order and my usual with everything, a latte. The plan was to sample some of their delicatessen delights, but the sandwich was more than enough to fulfil my appetite! It would be ideal to return for a coffee and cake date - or chocolate fondue if you can squeeze it in.

The gallery itself has such an eclectic mix of artwork, you can spend your time digesting lunch while you wander around the space and finish in the gift shop.
The Biscuit Factory is the perfect location for a catch up with friends with some rather industrial views over the edges of Newcastle.

You can find The Biscuit Factory a five minute walk from the Northumbria Business School on Stoddart Street. 

  • Linda Rose Malt

    This looks amazing!
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  • Nicole

    I have lived in newcastle my entire life and legitimately never heard of this place before, hahaha. I am so checking it out when I come back up, thnk you!

  • Amy W. Hemmingway

    I go to Newcastle nearly every weekend and I've never heard of this!?!? It looks super amazing, I'm going to go and check this out ASAP :)

  • Sarah

    My best friend used to live in the halls right next to this in her first year of uni. We would get wait for our taxis to pick us up from outside the biscuit factory. So nostalgic! xx