The Fat Hippo Newcastle

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23rd February 2013




Sunday morning food thoughts almost instantly lead to The Fat Hippo when in Newcastle. The hand cut chips alone are worth tracking it down when in Jesmond.

A very chilled out café with a picture perfect selection of lunch options from stacked meaty burgers to mouth watering - quite literally - alternatives. The spicy bean burger is a surprising favourite to me, which I favour over the meat options.
Stacked with rocket, tomatoes and polished off with a soft bun, the burgers are pretty dreamy when laid down on their wooden platter. The chicken burger come packed into a floured ciabatta and served with fries, to me, the lighter option.
The perfect hangover cure is in the beginnings of the menu - nachos, buffalo wings and sliders are the perfect selection to share over memories of the previous night. Quenched with Coca Cola from the bottle - perfect.

Central to the hub of Jesmond, it's a pretty popular lunch option. More often than not you'll be greeted with a full house but as an easy option there is always The Fat Hippo Deli right down the street.
Easy lunch in a homely environment and you won't be leaving unsatisfied.

The Fat Hippo is in West Jesmond, just down from Tesco on St George's Terrace.

  • Whats on your tulips

    This looks delicious but unfortunately I don't live near Newcastle but if I ever go there i will remember this place.

  • Samantha Minny

    I like the idea of having a Beginning, Middle and End rather than staters, mains and desserts. It makes the meal feel like a journey or a story and that's what food should be.
    If I still lived in the UK, I'd check this out. Unfortunately NZ to the UK is a fit far to travel for a meal :)

  • India S

    ohhh myy that looks so yummy!! X

  • Lizzie Anne

    please follow/comment/email OR ALL THREE *le gasp!*
    i love this blog btw :) yours, i mean, not mine…that would be awkward…THANKS!