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18th March 2013





Allow me to introduce one of my favourite restaurants in Newcastle, Fat Buddha. As far as I'm aware there are only two in the country, being Newcastle and Durham. If you're ever in the North East it is more than worth booking into if you're a fan of Thai/Asian fusion. I first sampled it on my 21st and haven't looked back.

The restaurant itself reminds me of something out of Sex and the City, a lit 'catwalk' with individual booths sectioned off with crystal curtains. As well as private dining rooms and moodily lit tables for two. You begin downstairs at the bar, cocktail in hand then you're led up to the dining area once your table is ready.

The girls and I usually favour getting a starter between two, then getting a few mains to share between all of us. If you're going to get a rice, I would say getting at least one each as they're pretty small portions. Every dish I have tried there is delicious.
To start, the crispy duck pancakes are a step away from the usual Chinese take away, served in what I'm going to call an Asian poppadom with a mouth watering sauce. One of my favourite mains was the Pork 'Kakuni' which is more than enough to share between two, with a side of rice.

The desserts aren't anything to write home about... I would personally suggest filling up on the array of mains from Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia and a whole lot more. They're open for lunch and dinner, but a dinner option with a few cocktails is far more to my taste.

It's located at 55 Degrees North - or the more commonly known Metro Radio roundabout as you enter the city over the Tyne Bridge. Their menus are available online if you want to get a preview. You won't leave disappointed and you'll be welcomed by the Fat Buddha himself.



  • https://www.blogger.com/profile/16725579269842056900 Helena Whitehead

    Looks like a really great place!

    Please check out and follow my blog! I'd really appreciate it! <3

  • https://www.blogger.com/profile/04937748110382969309 Nicole

    Ooh, perfect! I've been craving Asian food and I come up home soon! Exciteeee :D