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23rd October 2013

One month. 
Three Countries.
Too many extended bus journeys.
The best experience of my life.
I've returned from my brief stint as a backpacker. I fitted in a short month - that went way too fast - into backpacking through Malaysia, Cambodia and Vietnam. In hindsight it really wasn't enough time, especially for Vietnam, but any excuse to go back.
Instagram was my main portal for updating my little online presence while away if you want to see more of what I got up to. I'm desperate to write up my adventures but I'm currently forming ideas on how I want to do it. I'm also gradually putting a little bigger of a glimpse up on Pinterest. It's where I found a lot of things while away, so hopefully I can inspire someone else's travels too.
I've discovered that I'm even more laid back than I originally thought, my standards aren't quite as high as I thought - although we did turn down the hostel with an ants nest in the room. You just adjust to the entire way of life and coming back to a dismally grey England has me quite bitter one week on.
I can't profess to be a backpacker extraordinare by any means, but I'd happily advise anyone heading the same route as me. The amount of tips I picked up from people while travelling were far more than I could track from The Lonely Planet. 
My beauty regime may have consisted of heaps of suncream and a minimal amount of mascara for the past four weeks - but normal service shall now return.

Monkey Beach in the Penang National Park - Malaysia
Batu Ferringhi beach - Penang, Malaysia
Angkor Wat - Siem Reap, Cambodia
Halong Bay - Vietnam
Cát Bà Island - Vietnam