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24th March 2014 with 1 Comment





The food that Mex the world spin faster
A lock in at a Mexican restaurant is seriously the stuff of dreams. And I lived it - so points for me. I attended a Bar Burrito master class with a handful of other Leeds based bloggers last week. We got to sample a little bit of everything from the extensive Bar Burrito menu - there's countless combos you can create - and washed it down with Amigo's Beer, perfect partner for burritos if you haven't already tried it.
I have been a long standing fan of Bar Burrito - admittedly I have always gone for the nachos. Piled high and absolutely delicious. This night, I got the chance to literally hand craft my own burrito and I might just be transformed. We got to practise on some rice-only filled tortillas, before moving onto the Burrito Bar. Lining up the rice, refried beans, meat of choice (you have a choice of four staples, and normally one seasonal option, or flash fried veg), various condiments (including four levels of salsa) and added extras like the veg or mushrooms.
Mine included all the above, minus the mushrooms - with the medium Ranchera salsa to keep it fresh.
Lime squeezed in the top of my Amigos, the taste test. After ripping of the coil of foil, the tightly packed ingridients work amazingly together. Personally, the milder the salsa, the better it tastes with the rest as it doesn't steal any of the other flavours. But, I did sample the Mule Drivers extra hot salsa with tortilla chips. Shockingly I could handle it. Major points.
Leeds guys, I really hope you already know about this place. Bar Burrito was founded in Manchester, but quickly spread to Leeds. You can find one on Boar Lane or one on the exterior of The Light. This is Morgan & Paul's (the creators) Western adaptation of Tex Mex. And they've done it really right.
It's home is in North England, but Londoners now have a slice of the action, with a couple of others dotted around the country - see where here.
It's fast food at the absolute best. Super fresh, mouth wateringly delicious and worth a once-a-week treat at the least, depending on your budget. There's a whole variation of price points depending what you have and what fillings you have. Regardless, this is on my lunch menu this week.



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    That looks so fun!! And the food looks so delicious!!

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