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14th May 2014 with 2 Comments

A mini cat-eye flick is one of my most favourite eye looks. It works on absolutely everyone and if it has the precision, looks immaculate. Now the art of winged liner is real. I used to do it daily, now it's usually only a couple of times a week which means I'm a little out of practise in the execution. On top of that, there are a selection of options whether you're going for a neat line, smudged out or just aiming for a subtle bit of definition for your lashes.

So, onto my mini compilation on what's best for what, or essentially, my favourites...

Gel Liner
This, for me, is the ultimate. I've tried a couple from the highstreet and a couple from higher end, the quality really doesn't differ all that greatly. I'm currently using the L'Oreal Superliner Gel, which is gliding on like a dream. The newer the product, the better it works. I've never used one long enough for it to completely dry out, but it gets a little harder to use as time goes on. I always use the MAC Liner Brush for this, but most of the highstreet options come with their own brush. This is the most long lasting option, so it's ideal if you're wearing it all day and into the night.

Liquid Liner
For me, this is the one that requires the  most practice. I definitely work with gel liner a whole lot easier. The Bourjois Erasable Liner* is good for beginners as the nib can create super fine or thick, depending on your skill set. For mistakes, there's the built in 'eraser' which is a great idea in theory, but I find it pulls a little too much on my lid to use too often. It's best to leave the product to dry before going in to correct with this as well.
A more friendly option for me on this is the L'Oreal Superliner Ultra Precision. It's a felt nib, and you can load it with as little or as much product as you want. This is for the days I want the liner look but I don't have as much time. It's so easy to use, although it definitely doesn't last as well as gel. It's so much more durable if you use it over eyeshadow, straight onto the lid has it fading a little (at least on me) by the end of the day, but it's still a make-up collection essential.

Pencil Liner
The classic. I use my pencils for tightlining or on the water line for the most part, but smudging into the lower and upper lash line is an easy option for a quick bit of definition. I love the Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl Kajal liners for this, they're really long lasting as they have an almost gel like consistency. The consistency makes them really easy to work with no matter where you're using them and there's a heap of shades for the perfect eye colour contrast.

Shadow as Liner
This is a step that I use less and less, but it works a lot better to set liner or if I'm ever doing my friends make-up. You don't need a steady hand at all as it adds to the smoked out look of the shadow. For black, I favour the classic of MAC Carbon Eyeshadow. If your liner fades, then just go over it with an eyeshadow in the same shade when you apply and you should see a difference in longevity. Or, just go straight in with the shadow, pack it onto an angled brush like The Body Shop Slanted Eye Brush and smush it into the lashes. Build it up or leave it subtle, either way you'll get some great worn-in definition.

  • Carson Coyne

    I love your post! Thanks for all of the tips. I just started my beauty blog, check it out if you have a moment, my skincare routine went up last night.


  • Elizabeth

    I have loads of different eyeliner at home and I can't really decided which one I like the most, so I love your post about the different types and ways to use them!

    Love x