Photo Diary: Australia

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27th May 2015

Amongst my favourite views are those of descending into a new location. You have no idea of the adventure that awaits you. I've had the luxury of descending into Melbourne Airport a few times now, but never with such a bleeding sunrise. Our flight this time chased the sun, to arrive first thing on a Friday morning.

Catching up with my family means I don't come home with a wealth of stories to share, but something about Melbourne always stays with me. It has been completely different each time I've been - only helped with being older on each visit, giving an entirely new perspective. We visit the old favourite places where we've left memories and discovered new haunts which I'm sure we'll be revisiting on our next visit, whenever that may be.

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One of my favourite places around Melbourne is Lorne, just one of the many stop offs on The Great Ocean Road. It's a typical seaside town, but if you're lucky enough to find accommodation, or better yet know a local, to ascend the steep hills backing the beach, you're in for some pretty amazing vistas.


Two weeks in Melbourne, with a long weekend in Sydney. One of those places where the landmarks seem irresistible to photograph, even if they are man-made with people scoping for the best angles everywhere around them.



Cityscapes are amongst my favourite views anyway, but cityscapes by night are even better. I always like to think about the anonymous lives in the stacks of rooms.
We ate at The O restaurant on our last night, a 47th floor experience hidden in the high rises. It's fairly unassuming from the ground, but at the top of the building is a unique - and extremely luxe hipster - experience of a slowly revolving dining room. If you're looking for the best view of Sydney, this is it. Ideally once it's got dark, or through sunset if you can time it right.

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It always amazes me how long an almost three week trip seems when you arrive at your destination. But after the near 40 hour trip home, it had flown by.

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