Goodbye July

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5th August 2015

Since my July was a pretty fun packed month, I thought it was about time a catch up was had. Through events, wedding and hen-do prep (for the bestie) and some great nails, here's a mini peek into my July. For the rest, just head to Instagram, because I'm pretty sure I'm more obsessed than ever. Oh and Snapchat (Phibster) for any inbetweens you have to keep up on.


Bubbleology Leeds
Essentially, it's a really sweet squash like taste, with light fruit jellies that pop in your mouth, it's an odd sensation, whether you've done it before or not. My boyfriend tried the tapioca option, not for first timers that's for sure, which tainted the taste of his quite significantly.

I'd recommend giving it a try (and I still have my eye on their mocha flavour), but not sure I'm fully set on the Bubbleology world. It's sandwiched into Trinity Leeds, so if you have a seriously sweet tooth and need something quick and easy, then head along to pick your flavours.

Avoin Water
Let's disclaim this with no, this isn't sponsored. This is just my obsession right now.
Simply put - my new water bottle is amazing. It's an 800ml bottle, with - essentially - a cage in the centre for fruit. Chop up some zesty options first thing, and you've got fruit water for your day ahead.
I've found ripe peach, lemon and limes work best, orange wasn't the best flavour.

I've been getting through two of these minimum, daily. And for someone who's seriously upped their water intake, I have seriously noticed the difference. My skin especially is revelling in the benefits of over 1.5 litres of water everyday. It tastes good, and let's face it, is still quite the novelty, so I am getting through the stuff.
I got mine from Amazon, fairly pricey for a water bottle, but cheaper than oodles more skincare! Be prepared to explain it to everyone though, a lot of questions for a water bottle.

imPRESS Accent Nails
Previous experience with the imPRESS nails weren't amazing (they were great for an event, but not much longer). Second time is definitely a charm. Make sure you press them really hard upon first application and keep pressing every so often on the night you put them on and you're set.

Mine lasted just under a week, I just replaced the index fingers on both hands - which is doable since you get extras in the kit. So we're talking better than nail varnish and you can grab them at Asda for cheapish for a full manicure. I have a more spangly set to try next so will run you all down on the full process.

Very best weekend away #yurtshire #yurt #hendo #bachelorette #Yorkshire #bestfriends #instax #yurtstagram #campbellwedding2 #glamping

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The hen-do that swung round. My best friend got married in America last year, but somehow managed to do it again for her English friends and family this year, hen-do 2.0 included.
We found Yurtshire, private yurts in a private field in rural Ripon. Ideal for what we had planned and perfect for a big group.

We decorated the yurts ourselves, although they're really cosy without any extras. Enter a very lucky weekend of sunshine (and subsequent sunburnt shoulder), barbecue, Pimm's, hot tubs and an excellent group of people and the English bride was seen off perfectly.
I think Yurtshire warrants a full post as it's relatively unknown, but perfect for a quick weekend away, or a little party. See the full thing on the Yurtshire site here.

And goodnight 😘 #weddingparty #campbellwedding2 #rutlandwater #oakham #sunset #bride

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My Best Friend's Wedding
And finally, to finish off an excellent July, my best friend's English wedding. I headed over to Minneapolis to be there for her American wedding last year, but with some seriously amazing friends around her, she had an English wedding essentially planned for her this year, in Oakham.
The reception took place in an ideal location, looking over Rutland Water, which made for perfect pictures, especially once the sunset arrived. There are jokes about wedding number three in the works for next year, but honestly, I wouldn't be surprised..!
If you're still after more July - or the newest pop-ups and launches in Leeds - then see what I got up to at the Gusto Leeds launch; my first taste of Nourish, healthy fast food; the Bierkeller Ice Bar pop up and the best picks from the new Cabana cocktail menu.
And of course, stay tuned for plenty more through August. Talk to you soon!