Creating Voluminous Waves

Written about Beauty
11th September 2015

The usual process of creating waves in my fine hair begins. Truthfully, the amount of curling tongs that work for me is fairly limited as my hair refuses to hold a style. The Toni & Guy Glamour Jumbo Tong* has a big barrel, 38mm, which is double the size I normally work with (the Enrapture Totem Styler if you're interested). The thing with fine hair is, the tighter curl you initially create, the longer it will last - in theory - so if you're creating a large curl/glamourous wave, chances are it won't remain in a couple of hours.

You know the drill with curling, heat protect, split into layers as needed, spray with fine hold hairspray after each layer and finish with the strong stuff.
Be a little careful with the buttons on this styler, there's easy potential to turn it off while you're styling, so check the red light is constant, not flashing.


I hate the clamp on curlers, always have, I never fail in adding an unwanted kink to my curls, usually resulting in the ends of the hair blatantly poking out from otherwise smooth curls. So, clamp staying down, I wrap thin sections around the barrel. I think the smaller section the better for this, but under a time crunch (so, most mornings), I probably do around three section for each layer.



Et voila! Obviously add an obscene amount of hairspray, the Extreme Hold Hairspray* from Toni & Guy is my finisher, but I opt for something finer inbetween layers. Scrunch and juzj a little and you're done.

Now, the staying power - as I predicted, curls don't last all that long, although there's a noticeable wave left for a good few hours. Not ideal as they look so smooth and natural after they've dropped just a little bit - if you're hair holds a style, you need these curlers.
But, although the glamour waves might not remain, the glamour volume definitely does. Which is an unexpected surprise. The long term results are natural looking movement which is near impossible for me to achieve. And you know it's not just a vain thing when you get multiple comments on how much fuller your hair looks. BONUS.


Excellent find for fine hair in need of that bounce that you'd never normally get. If anyone asks, it's all natural of course.