Yorkshire Sculpture Park September 2015

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30th September 2015

The Sculpture Park comes as one of my highest recommended tourist attractions in Yorkshire. I've lived ten minutes away from it for all but four of my 25 years and have always loved visiting it. The sculptures vary throughout the year, with some mainstays dotted around the 500 acre estate, as well as an indoor exhibition centre that's forever changing. But, as it's based in such an idyllic part of the countryside (just off the M1, but once you enter the park, you'll forget you're so close to the motorway), the views, wildlife and nature add to the attraction.


Around this time of year is one of my favourite times to visit as I am Autumn's number one fan, so witnessing the surroundings change makes for a beautiful backdrop to the outdoor sculptures.

Whether you live ten minutes away, you're situated anywhere in Yorkshire, or you have a couple of hour's drive, I would recommend for a day trip regardless. I'd recommend at any time of year, no matter what exhibitions are on offer, but there's good excuse to visit over the next few months as the Poppy Tour has come to Yorkshire.

You've no doubt seen the powerful imagery of the ceramic poppies cascading out of the Tower of London, I didn't get to see that which I'm pretty annoyed at, but the concentrated version is now at the Park.


With good reason, this means the YSP is packed come weekend time. You can see the red from a distance in the river, but there's opportunity to see the full impact from the bridge they're cascading from. They're right at the bottom of the estate, a part I'd never visited before, so had plenty of unseen sculptures for me to visit. They're on display until the 10th of January 2016 so you've got ample time to make a visit and I'd definitely recommend it.

And, if you can squeeze a trip in  before the end of October, Rob Ryan's 'Listen to the World' exhibition is taking up the upper floor of the visitor centre. There is a variation of his beautifully intricate work on display, with originals (and the gift shop alternative) on offer to buy.

Seriously recommend the Sculpture Park, a million times over, whether you're an art lover or not you'll love the location. Dog friendly, family friendly and there's even a shuttle bus to shoot you down to the poppies if you don't want to navigate through the sheep that roam the hill.

Definitely be prepared for some walking as the park will keep opening up if you let it, or of course, you can station yourself with a coffee just to take in the view from the café.

Let me know if you go, I'd really like to know what you think!