It’s Better in New York

Written about Fashion
2nd October 2015

Just a quickie as I'm still all about this top even though I've never shared it... anywhere I don't think. I found a Brandy Melville store in Amsterdam and despite it being populated with a million teenagers, I spotted the tee from outside so did an in and out purchase. Having had a quick look through the site, it may actually be THE place for a t-shirt lover like myself.

The BooHoo jacket is one I spotted on Lydia Millen's snapchat. It sold out, I was pretty upset. It came back in stock and she tweeted out so I jumped on it. I'm pleasantly surprised at the quality as me & BooHoo have a pretty rocky relationship. Never sure if mixing black and brown is the ultimate faux pas, but as a good 70% of my outfits are majority black, it's going to be a deal with it situation.

Backdrop is of course, my beloved Yorkshire Sculpture Park, which I shared in a bit more depth earlier this week. God I love that place. Plus, unintentional irony at the New York dreamin' whilst plonked firmly in the countryside. I'm either a country bumpkin or full on city girl, there's not much inbetween.

Jacket - BooHoo
Top - Brandy Melville (no longer there, but their graphic tees are pretty cool)
Jeans - Beloved ASOS Ridley jeans