Maybelline Lash Sensational

Written about Beauty
12th October 2015

Back to a good old fashioned mascara review, one of my favourites. The Lash Sensational mascara seems to be everywhere, bathed in positive reviews. It may be a plastic bristle brush, but the hype was so big that it convinced me to buy it. I'm a natural bristle fan through and through, plastic for length, natural for thickness - and I'm all about the thickness.


The curved brush sits satisfyingly well to the lash line, wiggle it up through the lashes and you get some serious length just with one coat. It's not delivering my ideal thickness, but equally it's not too separating if that's what you're after. The length is definitely delivered, without being too spidery. One coat is all you need, if you want to build up then do so with caution as there's serious risk of near clumping... More just a gathering of the lashes at the top if I'm really painting you a picture.

There's no crispiness left on the lashes and the style holds fluid throughout the day. It doesn't glide off when it comes to removal, but it's not a massive struggle to remove.
All in all, it's not topping my mascara favourites, but it's a nice lengthening mascara that doesn't completely negate any thickness. I think I may still be sticking with my natural bristles to get my favourite mascara finish.