The 25th

Written about
7th October 2015


It's here, the 25th year. I'm yet to get that dawning of grown-up-ness, seeing as at 25 you're no longer just an adult, but you should probably be a grown up as well. Amongst the 25th treats were a plant and a cooking pot, so go figure I guess.

This year's 1st of October included my now seemingly annual tradition, a massage at the hands of the Lush Leeds Spa - seriously dreamy and worth the price for an hour of complete escapism. This year I went for 'The Comforter', which included being scrubbed in melted chocolate - yes, really - followed by a Cloud Cocktail. Delicious.

My evening treat was a meal at Crafthouse with my boyfriend, where we really got to experience the food (read: SO FULL), all so indulgently tasty, as well as get the birthday compliments.
I opted for my uniform of course, all black - with an un-pictured pop of fuchsia pink heels. And, the pièce de résistance, my new Reiss box bag - HUBBA HUBBA. I feel slightly like I'm in the war for some reason, or that I'm carrying around my trinket box. 

Basically, birthday or not you need to get the dessert taster plate at Crafthouse. It was the highlight of the three courses (if the cocktails don't count). 

The weekend passed with a surprise afternoon tea with my best friends, including some best friend babies to spend some belated birthday celebrations with and some family traditions when I went back to Huddersfield for the weekend.  

Still waiting on the dawning of grown-up hood, as I said, but truth be told, I think I'll see 25 through as an adult, not a grown-up. Just saying.