Astral moisturiser – the game changer

Written about Beauty
9th October 2015

Just stick with me for a minute, because I was pretty dang impressed with what I thought was such a 'not me' product. It has been a moisturiser plot change. It's still high street, more than affordable and you probably know it more than you think you do.

It's Astral. Recognise the tub? If you don't, you'll no doubt recognise the scent - it's not scented, but definitely has a unique 'unscented' moisturiser smell... The tub I remember taking pride of place amongst my Grandma's minimal beauty products, so I was quite surprised it was doing the beauty blogger rounds.

The heritage - is it there yet? Let's go traditional - moisturiser has been a serious game changer for my routine. The recognisable Astral blue tub* houses a thick cream which sinks in surprisingly fast and gives such a smooth base for make-up. I have dry skin that flits between feeling dry to the touch, or looking dry in person, but this crosses both out and my skin genuinely feels plumper, with the softness lasting.

I've never seen the Astral Smooth* product before. It's the iconic moisturiser, but a lot lighter in formula which I'd guess a lot of people would much prefer for their face moisturiser. Then leaving the thicker option to coat the body in for a serious moisture hit.

Long blog post short, dry skin (whether mild or a serious problem) sufferers need to give this a go. Leave the thick cream to do its work over night, than dab on a tiny amount as a non-slip base for your make-up. I'm a convert and just as surprised as you are.