The Weekend Lumberjack

Written about Fashion
23rd November 2015


Shirt - Primark
Jeans - Zara (the ultimates)
Bag - Reiss
Boots - Office (and on sale - bonus)

Winter has 100% hit Leeds. I figured being bundled up in a massive coat and scarf covering my face wouldn't make the best shot, so here I am literally shivering in Park Square to show off my new fave. I'm a sucker for plaid/tartan and cosy looking shirt, so this Primark one has to be bought. Reminds me of what you'd wear in a ski chalet (I've never even been to one).

My little trinket box bag makes it ever so slightly less casual, then my favourite jeans that fit to a tee and one of my many pairs of trusty Office boots, another go to piece of my wardrobe. I expect this outfit - or a version of it - to be a repetition in the coming few months.

Somehow the breakfast institution that is Bill's has passed me by. It's just opened in Leeds in the past month or so and I finally had the time to try it this past weekend. Amongst the most fresh and lightest tasting pancakes I've ever had - also spotted the full English breakfast option, so looking forward to a return visit. Thinking not a lot of people are aware it's even there as it was pretty quiet for a Saturday breakfast slot, well worth a try guys, if you're in the handful of people that have yet to try it (it's on Albion Place, down from Byron & Pizza Express).