Barry M Daylight Curing – High Street Gels?

Written about Beauty
2nd December 2015

You can't argue that Barry M bring a plethora of unique nail textures to the high street. Crackle, sequin, matte, 'aquarium' - and the newest? Daylight Curing Sunset Gel. As with all, I was sceptical before I tried it, but given how many I'm adding to my collection, it looks like another Barry M win for me.

I got obsessed with the 'Do it Like a Nude' pale pink shade in the summer. It lasted over a week with only minor chips on my index fingers. For an at home manicure, that seriously impressed me.

Into the winter and I've picked up a couple of the darker shades. A pinkish wine shade 'Fuchsia Generation' and 'Dark Side of the 'Shroom' a grey purple shade which is a new favourite. I definitely have the same colour but from Nails Inc, I'm having a moment for this formula at the moment so thought it justified another purchase from the collection.

Essentially I'm just rotating the two darker shades at the moment (with a dabble in Sally Hansen's 'Wine Not' - beaut). And - it might all be in my head - but I'm fairly certain the darker shades haven't faired quite as well in their longevity. In Phoebe logic, this is because of the lack of sunlight recently compared with the pale pink testing conditions in summer... Yet to get a finalised report on that.

Either way, these are high street nails that seriously last. Shade range isn't as extensive as the regular Barry M Nail Paint rainbow, but there's enough to get your favourite staples - and get hooked.