Millionaire’s Outfit Post

Written about Fashion
21st December 2015


If a jumper says it, it must be true. Make it happen.
Sweatshirt Rad // Shirt Primark // Trousers ASOS // Boots Daisy Street (sold out - similar 1 similar 2)

Currently lusting after a few Rad sweatshirts, but this swayed me too much so I committed. I added a shirt to differentiate from me wearing it around the house all the time, a habit I very easily fall into with comfy clothes.

Plus, to differentiate from my beloved Zara ankle boots that are coming to the end of their life, I found some over the knee boots on the cheap (and on sale). I begrudged paying too much for over the knee boots as I figured they're not going to be 'on trend' forever. These are the Daisy Street options from ASOS which were a little tight upon first wear, but I've worn them in and are seriously comfy.

I was looking for ages to find flat over the knee boots, too many had a chunky heel which wasn't what I wanted. I think the black have sold out everywhere now, but there's some beaut grey ones still on ASOS. Some other similar options are linked above if you're after the same style.