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6th January 2016

Back into the blogging space! I've loved having a mass catch-up on blog reading over Christmas and having so many 'Best Posts' posts in my feed means I get to relive some of my favourite bloggers' posts over the past year.

So, I thought it about time I run through a little North of London recap for 2015. Here to kick off another year of awesome with a whole load of it being documented here. Taking it back through the year, what have been my favourite posts?

2015 was definitely the year of blogger advice - posts flooded my feed of how-tos and both personal and professional advice to make the most of your blog and yourself. I don't postition myself too highly in these respects, I'm much more of a consumer, but a couple of contributions I made -

 Where to find Inspiration

For when that writer's block is getting to you, or you just want to change up your content a little.

When to Take a Break From Blogging

Likewise, writer's block shouldn't mean a forced post to keep numbers consistent. Take a step back from the stats for a minute and assess why you're actually blocking. I'm still in the mindset that I blog for me, I love the bonuses this rewards me with through blogging, but if I don't feel like blogging or I can't create a nice post flow, then I won't. Simple. Something I think we need a lot more of for the year!

Since I moved into Leeds, it seems there have been more events than ever. I have come to adore Leeds, which is why you see so much of it on my blog, but some highlight events over the past year (although a serious job to narrow down).


A Mojito Masterclass at Maven

A great hidden gem in the city and a lesson that I've practised multiple times in my own kitchen.


Liquor & Whisky by The Hedonist Project

Another in The Hedonist Project's run of pop-up bars, this one all about the whisky. It's on Lower Briggate under this guise until the end of March, I highly recommend - the cocktails are a good way in if you're not that into whisky.


The Ice Bar Pop-Up

No longer still in the city, but another event that had me experiencing something entirely new and unique to the city. I can't wait to see what even more businesses bring to Leeds this year.

The more personal stuff, continuing my mantra of this online diary space - I documented some trips, events and knick knacks that have made their way into my favourites through the year.


The Adult Colouring Book

So on trend, am I right? I got another bundle of colouring books for Christmas and it's a must for anyone who needs an instant destress whilst still having a bit of activity.


A travel highlight for the year as I've never been to this part of the world before. I seriously neglect Europe to say how easy and relatively cheap it is to travel through. Maybe 2016 can be the year that changes?


A Hen-Do in a Yurt

Such a gorgeous weekend, secluded in North Yorkshire with a fab group of girls for my best friend's hen do. The Yurtshire yurts in Ripon come with high recommendation from me.

2015's Christmas Decor

The first year I could really put my own stamp on my living space. There's definitely a noticeable Christmas gap in the flat since I've taken everything down. Sob.

And finally, with the help of my boyfriend and his photography I've finally got more into some outfit posts. Still not as often as I'd like but a favourite was the Oui Merci outfit from this past summer. Hopefully a lot more to come, as well as some stellar help from the other half whilst I develop my camera skills.

Stay tuned for more little glimpses into my life, some travel, Leeds highlights and personal bits of course. All to come through 2016 - I'll see you back here!

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