New in the Beauty Stash

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25th January 2016

A good old fashioned beauty post. One of my little thrills is new beauty bits to play with, especially after trawling the beauty aisles myself. A long overdue trip to Superdrug and some new products were amongst my stash (side note - Superdrug has seriously upped its game, I haven't been in for at least a year but I'll definitely be heading back).

From the high street; Makeup Academy is a seriously underrated brand and their MUA Luxe range has just proved the point. I am obsessed with cream blushes and loving the Whipped Velvet Blush (this one is Rococco), really natural and lasts all day. If you're not already in possession of their eye shadow palettes then change that. This is a repurchase (a serious compliment from me) of the Heaven & Earth palette which is an essential in my collection.

The first BB Cream that hasn't broken me out and gives a decent amount of coverage (even with the odd blemish), the Rimmel 3in1 option and what is a classic to some, but brand new to me, the Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara. I am loving this for some serious lash building and length.

And, a recent Lush purchase, the Feeling Young Skin Tint. This gives such a natural glow to the skin, an iridescent white which I highlight the top of my cheek bones with. The Skin Tint builds really easily, so just dab on to your tastes.

And a few higher end offerings - I thought I'd treat my daily routine. I switched out my long-loved Brow Zings from Benefit to the MAC Omega eye shadow. Seeing as I very rarely use the wax side of the 'Zings, a downsize was overdue. This paired with the MAC 266 brush is my new daily brow - simple things. And on the same trip, with six MAC empties to recycle, I Back 2 MAC'd and joined the Rebel club. Serious statement lip and I'm now a lover of the MAC satin finish.

The Nuxe Dry Oil is the latest addition to my beauty stash - it's great for anywhere on the body (let's hope this is foreshadowing a tan for me) but adds a really nice warm glow on the cheeks. On the face it acts as a similar finish to the Nars Super Orgasm illuminator, just a bit more versatile and with a little more glitter.

The level of excitement for the first dip into each product is real.