The Night to Day Outfit

Written about Fashion
4th January 2016

I don't know if 'saving for best' is still a thing, but I've never been one to follow this rule. Saving for best - at least for me - means an outfit gets pushed to the back of your wardrobe for that 'special occasion' that never comes around. Or by the time the occasion arises, it's time for an excitable new outfit purchase.

George at ASDA have recognised this and with a budget outfit in mind, challenged me with the #PostPartyDress dilemma. How can you take your Christmas Do look and make it wearable for the rest of the season?

Look 1 - the "out out" look.


Dress is now in the sale!

Granted, I've still kept it pretty casual. It's rare that I get super dressed up - although I do relish in the occasions where I get to. I've simply opted for boots, bare legs and a simple dress with a bit of a glimmering collar. And, the real dress up element for me? The red lip. Everything looks so much more polished (and like you've put a whole lot more effort in) if you can perfect a bold lip. This shade is Clinique's Cherry Pop a rare red that works with my pale skin tone.

The boots are actually the highlight of this outfit. A flash of fringing down one side to add some texture to any outfit, I have been obsessed with these since I got them. They literally go with everything so are the perfect pairing for this post!

Look 2 - for daytime.



Easy peasy to transition this. I've swapped out the boots for something a little less 'flashy' - although the fringed boots don't steal too much focus anyway - added some tights and a trusty leather jacket. The dress is short enough that you could tuck it into jeans as well to make for a smarter top through the day, without too much bunching under your denim.

I've removed all the accessories as well, the jewelled collar doesn't need anything adding that could clash with it through the day - so my bracelet stacked wrists have been toned down (and covered) for the casual occasion.

I definitely want to start challenging my outfits a bit more, despite what I said about not saving stuff for best, there are definitely pieces in my wardrobe that go neglected because I've worn them for more special outings before. Time to mix it up!

Outfits provided by George at ASDA for this one, but still my opinions and my styling flare.