8 Things You Do Instead of Writing a Blog Post

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8th February 2016

Just a few things that were checked off this weekend when I was struggling to collate words on a digital page...

  1. Go through your blog feed for some inspiration - queue you two hours later having finished ALL THE BLOGS, got lost in dog videos and pinned so many wants to your Pinterest
  2. Utilising the natural light and getting a batch of bulk photos taken - this would be you making a good attempt at filling your 32GB memory card in the vein of being productive.
  3. Taking a power nap thinking it'll kick off an ultra-productive afternoon. Probably won't though will it, but you'll discover a new comfy position.
  4. Watching 'just one episode of Friends' before writing. Truth - there is never just one episode of Friends.
  5. Put a list of blog post ideas together. I've lost count of how many of these I've made. Around 5% of  ideas have made it live.
  6. Move Sunday evening ritual to Sunday afternoon. Nails painted, unnecessarily long shower and maybe even a fake tan.
  7. Practise that beauty thing you've been meaning to try. Who cares if you never make the time for it for when you actually leave the house.
  8. Annoy Bond with your living partner(s). Boyfriend, best friend or parents - they all love to hear your ramblings. Definitely. I don't know how people can live on their own and not get SO bored.
Any further procrastinations to add to the list?