What’s in my Reiss mini box bag

Written about Fashion
10th February 2016

The bag - a beauty of a trinket box bag from Reiss for my last birthday. I am still obsessed with this bag. Something so unique in my collection.

The inner workings -
Downsizing from deceptive bags that fit in so much more than you'd expect, to a teeny tiny box is a serious ask. But also kind of great for the anti-hoarder in me.
My only purses are massive, so I downsized to a seriously cool card holder from Aspinal - monogrammed of course - which frees up so much space, big bag or not. I did compromise on the amount of store cards to carry with me though.

Essentials include the best lip balm - Nuxe Reve de Miel - the Burt's Bees cuticle cream whilst my hands decide to no longer produce moisture through the winter and the lippie of the day (or whatever's been left behind).

Change is loose, which works as I barely carry any normally anyway, jingling around with my keys and update avoiding being tied up with my headphones. I've nailed a Pinterest hack that means they're tightly bound at all times - life changing.

Nothing but the essentials - kind of liberating until you want to stash a chocolate bar in there for later.

What end of the bag spectrum are you on? The oversized or the tiny in size?