I posted daily on Instagram and here’s what I learned

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9th March 2016

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Top secret personal project for the past month, getting a post out daily on Instagram. Seems fairly simple, but if you want to be authentic, that requires you doing something of note daily - not to simple with the run of the mill 9-5 and evening catch up with My Kitchen Rules Australia.

I didn't change the quality of my pics, or the editing styles, my hashtag game stayed the same, it was just the frequency that I amped up. Here's what I found...

  1. I took more photos - some I used a la #latergram, some just stashed in my camera roll. This I loved as I was looking for interesting shots at every opportunity.
  2. Flatlays rule - the Insta cliches bring in the likes. Whether straight edge or a well-styled mess, they were my top likes for the month.
  3. Consistency is key - despite having a feed full of other shots, people like frequent posts. Even within the first week of daily posting, my likes had significantly increased.
  4. Some days, I posted for the sake of it - since I'm not a daily poster for the most part, this little project meant whipping out a pic just to hit the day's target. It got the likes, but it was hollow.
  5. Photos had to be taken in bulk - battling with daylight savings, as well as the sometimes very average life meant my camera roll was filled in preparation for an inactive day.
  6. Themes are hard work - my Instagram is a visual diary. A theme would cut out a lot of my life, which isn't what I'm 'grammin for.
  7. I really like likes - who doesn't? I always have appreciated the likes racking up, but turns out the more you get, the more you want.
  8. Instagram is massive - another positive of this project has led me to discover loads of new Insta feeds. Both from the explore tab and through people liking my photos. There are so many mini communities out there, it's hard to fathom.
Final thoughts?
I'm not going to be a daily grammer, but it's encouraged me to post more frequently, get some consistency and get involved. Yes, it's only Instagram, but it's not even a guilty pleasure, I just bloody love it.

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  • http://www.newgirlintoon.blogspot.co.uk/ New Girl In Toon

    I've been doing something very similar at the moment and it's working well. I take loads of photos over the weekend when I'm out and about and stash them up in my favourites photo folder. So far so good!

  • http://lilylipstick.blogspot.com LilyLipstick

    An interesting read! I go through phases of sometimes 'gramming 3-4 times a day if I have material (especially when on holiday) and then try to have a few days of 1 per day or every other day to balance things out! x