Lush Tales of Bath

Written about Beauty
4th April 2016

Navigating through the brightly coloured treats in the Lush Leeds store will bring you to an unassuming door hiding a glorious treasure for the city centre. A few of the bigger Lush stores in the UK now also play home to the Lush Spa and it's unlike anywhere you've been before.

Leeds bloggers were out in force to be introduced to the newest treatment, Tales of Bath. I've been lucky enough to try a few of the Lush treatments (and documented a couple on the blog here and here) before and I can't recommend them enough. Definitely an indulgent treat, but well worth it for so many reasons.

The Tales of Bath is a three part treatment and as with most of the Lush Spa offerings, has some twists along the way to make it much more experiential. Begin with a seated shoulder massage, indulge in a private bath and then relax into a full body massage.

The key benefit for the Lush treatments to me is the real personal feel. You're not rushed at any part of it, you're treated like you're the only one there and where they can, they'll tailor each element to you. No in and out sterile feeling you get from a lot of spa treatments.

Back up on the shop floor, we explored the cute new Easter treats, plus the Lush classics. Adding to that Lush experiential element, we also got to make our own Comforter bath bomb. With the base ingredients provided, it's a lot easier than you'd think. Although to get a real perspective you have to read this Buzzfeed behind the scenes article.

The Lush Spa menu is now pride of place on the Lush shop floor, take your pick and treat yourself. I will be in serious shock if you regret a moment of it.