Blogging Nostalgia

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30th May 2016

Hello Bank Holiday! An ideal Bank Holly post is a bit of a reminisce...

I've been getting massively into my blogging beginnings recently. A new blog design is on it's way - so excited for this to launch, it's long overdue! - which has me going through hundreds of old posts and taking down some of the really cringe ones...

Alongside this, I also spotted Tor's post on why she started blogging, we both started around the same time and a lot of her blogging memories and favourites are exactly the same as mine.

Some of my old favourites have been reinvented, like Lollipop26 growing into Buy Now, Blog Later or others that I've followed from the beginning now leading an entirely different life, like Elle from AllThatGlitters. It's nice to still have a load of other people that I can share the blogging nostalgia with, as well as adding newbies to my blog roll.

The quality in your content is paramount now, which definitely wasn't the case in 2009 - I've been here for a while! I both love and hate this but looking back at my terrible lighting, really basic iPhone photography and teeny tiny crops had me pining for them good ol' days.

Then and now is different on so many levels but I've loved developing my own blog while watching everyone else's change and emerge along the way. Paging through the hundreds of posts on here has me excited for a blog face lift and a reignite of what I love about the blogging community.

PLUS I have seen the light and realised just how little beauty time is given on this blog now. When I started it was rare there was anything other than a new favourite product or an 'EOTD' (that would be be Eye of the Day for any n00bs) post, now it's rare for a beauty post to even make it live. I may not have the same hours of spare time to concoct new looks, but beauty is still what I get most excited about, so let's bring that back, shall we?

The main difference between then and now is the sheer scale of competition. When I started there was obviously a ton of others doing the exact same thing, but there wasn't as much of a sense of hierarchy that there seems to be now, we all seemed to play on the same level ish, such a welcoming element.

Saying that, seven years on I still love the time spent with my blog - whether through events or actually putting time into a beneficial hobby (I was always that person who 'didn't have any hobbies') that I enjoy. I can't wait to see what the next development is in the blogging world, but I'll be here to see it through. Posting daily or just a few times a month, I've carved out my own little sequence and I'm pretty dang happy with it!

Onwards and upwards, starting with that face lift for North of London.