A Favourites Catch-Up

Written about Beauty
3rd June 2016

Monthly favourites seem to have passed me by for some reason, they used to be a regular and they're now more than infrequent, so here's a refresh. I may not always have a plethora of beauty favourites to share with you - although here's hoping - but I will no doubt have some new fave eats, drinks, or even watches. Hey, I've just finished season one of Game of Thrones so I have so much to get excited about...


Onto the beauty, I've been getting back into the excitement of beauty recently. I get so giddy over new products to play with, even if it's just a hairspray. Speaking of...

I have burnt through the L'Oreal Studio Pro Boost It spray this past month. I douse my hair in hairspray after curling it (separate story because holy wow do I love my ghd curlers) and hate it being crunchy or not moving. This keeps the curls locked in, moves as natural and smells pretty good, bonus.

Still on L'Oreal, I finally tracked down the Infallible Sculpt in light/medium in Leeds Trinity. I'm yet to be a pro-contourer (or even near that), but like to think I'm getting there. It's a pretty subtle product, i.e. you'd need to seriously build and blend it for real pay-off, but I'm liking the subtlety whilst I get to grips with the contour.

The Body Shop's Hawaiian Kukui Cream *oh wow*. This smells unreal. It's a massive pot (with a pretty big price tag), but it's seriously long lasting; on the body and in the tub. Highly recommend it, I'll definitely be repurchasing if I ever reach the bottom.

I've finally found a BB cream that doesn't make me look orange and doesn't break me out - this is a serious break through. Previously, it's only one by CoverGirl that has come close which isn't the easiest to come by in the UK. The 9-in-1 option from Rimmel is really light, it covers blemishes pretty well and lasts through most of the day, really quite impressive for something so light on the skin.

And the final shout out, has to be to the Lush Rockstar soap. Probably one of my first ever Lush purchases (I think I bought it after Elle from All That Glitters recommended it, back in the day) and I'm so happy it's back in my bathroom. It's a super sweet scent that I'm obsessed with, it lingers on the skin as well which is another reason to love it.