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15th June 2016

Everyone has their favourite eyelash brands - if you're a frequent wearer of them then you'll easily have your go-to brands. I never hear that much about Kiss lashes but I always have such a great experience with them. I must have bought about three packs of their easy lashes a couple of years back. Granted I'm not in the thick of the lash market, but Kiss always seem to innovate with their releases - but never go gimmicky, just genuine useful 'inventions' to make the lash process that little bit more pleasant.

I've been trialling a couple of their newest releases, partnering them with the Duo latex-free lash glue. It's my preferred anyway as it has a brush applicator, but I'm also allergic to regular lash glue, so go figure. The Kiss lashes come with glue included and a particularly nifty 'glue pocket' in the trio lashes for easy dippin'.

The strip lashes, the Blooming Lash* in Daisy are particularly fluttery. They're really natural looking and so light on the lids. The strip is really fine as well which makes them subtle with a bit of liquid liner involved, even on bare lids if you nail the glue-down I think you're set. The selling point is the multi-layers on these, not just one level across the strip, adding to that natural look.


I am in love with the Trio Lashes*. I tried my best to work with individual lashes from Eylure but I could never get them to stay on my lids. These are a banded trio, so you can line up across your lid, or just add along the outer corner - it's essentially a join the dots for lash n00bs. I've been adding two sets to my outer corners for some really natural fluttery action. They are so easy to work with and as they're on a longer band it makes them so much easier to adhere to your lashes. One box comes with 30 sets, 6 'x-short' and 24 'short'; I've only tried the short, but the x-short would be great just to thicken your natural lashes.

The Trio Lashes are great for through the day and I've liked having that subtle extra flutter on the edges of my lashes with these. The ease of use is a massive bonus point which is why I've been using them more than I would any other natural lashes.

Have you tried any of the Kiss lashes? Happy fluttering!

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