Rush Hair comes to York

Written about Beauty
22nd July 2016

We understand the gospel of the blowdry - oh wow do I wish I could indulge in that service multiple times a week. It's more than just the hairdryer, it's getting that unachievable hairdresser styled look whilst you sit and sip your fresh latte. So relaxing.

Rush Hair has just launched in York, so new in fact that I was the very through customer through the door. I've heard of the brand before but never sampled their techniques, so into the slick salon I walked to get style to swish for the day.

The team were so incredibly welcoming, guiding me through a quick consultation with a board of inspiration before taking me through the back of the salon to the isolated wash bar. They positioned the sinks in the bank for you to truly indulge in the hair wash and massage - probably my highlight of any salon treatment.


Back to the blowdry, opting again for a beachy waves style - my favourite. The actual blowdry was fully considered ready for the waving afterwards. Products were laid through to help give a bit of oomph, before curls were individually put through with a straightener and lightly tousled before finishing in a coif of hairspray.

The blowdry itself didn't stand the test of time as the Yorkshire Blowdry experience did, unfortunately. Trying to keep curls or waves in my locks is no easy feat, so there's nothing held against them ;)

Rush is of course more than just a blowdry, with all the expected salon stylings. Pop in to the Market Street salon when you can!

Blowdry was complimentary.