US Beauty Haul – Sephora, Target & Ulta

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4th July 2016

I don't think I'll ever fail to get excited for a trip to Sephora. Walking through those glass doors into a slick monochrome beauty haven is a genuine US highlight and whatever I walk out with is an added bonus.

This trip, I committed to some favourites from others I seem to spot everywhere, plus a couple of my own to top-up my stash. The latter includes the latex free Duo lash glue, a necessity for my latex allergy, a favourite because it has a brush applicator, far neater than a squeeze tube. That and the Nest Midnight Fleur roll-on perfume; sweet smelling perfume that reminds me of previous US trips from when I last purchased it.

The newbies to try? Bumble & Bumble Pret-a-Powder and the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara, I'll report back on both, but they've each got a near cult status to live up to.
I also needed to take advantage of the marginally cheaper MAC stores and restock Rebel lipstick after I lost my last tube.

A close second to Sephora is the bright lights of Target - that place has everything, including the best of the US beauty high street. NYX and Covergirl for the UK unreachables (or significantly overpriced here) and Maybelline for some unreleased goodies.

NYX fans you need to try the cream blushes, Natural is my favourite shade - a sheer, warm pink that seriously lasts. Plus another newbie from the brand being the Wonder Pencil.
From Covergirl, another of my staples - the BB cream - and their liner, I'm gradually working through every brand's brown liners it would seem! The Clean foundation is another product I always top-up with, featured on this bloggy many times before (full review here)!

The new releases from Maybelline which I haven't spotted over here are the Strobing Stick (from the Master range, another favourite are their blush sticks) and Master Conceal which is a pretty close dupe for the Make-Up Forever Camouflage Cream.

Basically, it's playtime again in my morning routine, expect some reporting back on the above - have any of you tried any of them? Let me know your favourites (or essentials for my next US shopping trip) :)

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