Friends Fest | Harewood House, Leeds

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21st September 2016

A little known fact about me, I am a Friends enthusiast. I want to say superfan, but I know there are many more superior out there... It would however be my Mastermind subject if I ever got to sit in the chair.

Reason enough, I think you'd agree, to get oh-my-god excited about Friends Fest coming to Harewood House over this past weekend. Limited time only for a limited number of 'superfans' like me. A small-scale fair celebrating all things Friends. My goodness it was amazing.

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There were Friends best bits on repeat through the day - admittedly, it might have been better if they mingled these in with a few 'best' episodes instead of just clips - surrounded with Joey & Chandler's apartment, Central Perk, the Moondance Diner, a silent disco, the Vegas chapel and of course, Monica & Rachel's apartment with a pre-entry photo shoot on the opening credit couch.

SO MANY PHOTO OPS. It was a little taste of fan-girl for me and getting that sofa shot is something I can now tick off my bucket list.


They hadn't pimped it out with endless sales opportunities which I liked, although they missed the opportunity to sell oodles of crap. I did get my Central Perk coffee though. I don't think I've been this excited about anything in forever - so ALL THE kudos goes to my boyfriend who woke up at the crack of dawn whilst we were in the US earlier this year to get tickets. Apparently I don't like Friends as much as I like sleep...


It solidified my undying love for Friends - I've obviously seen every episode countless times but it made me want to watch it in order from the beginning... Again. I'm still all about the early seasons, 1-3 are peak Friends and where my trivia points get racked up. I'll still be watching it repeatedly and applying most situations back to some Friends reference. Should any other Friends fan-girl opps pop up again in the future I will 100% be there for you - EY! Sorry, definitely had to.

Given the Insta's I spotted over the weekend, I know I'm not the only one in the Leeds blogger circles who are obsessed with Friends - anyone else making it there at one of the locations around the country?