The Secret Dreamworld of a Department Store Fanatic

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18th December 2016

The slick glass doors have been opened to the public, the endless hours of set-up are complete, products waiting to be adoringly caressed by the buyer-to-be. This would be the lead up to the already iconic John Lewis of Leeds opening its doors to the public earlier this year.

Department stores are my happy place, no more so than the seemingly infinite stores that offer everything you could ever need. Despite being one of many in the crowd, those first steps into the brand new John Lewis store were so exciting. The first floor of a department store is usually amongst the best; the stationery, the nic-nacs and what can now be in stocking filler territory leaves so much to be explored.

Something about the instant change-up of merchandising and products makes for excellent mooching ground - one of my favourite past times and what is no doubt going to be done a whole lot more with a department store great now around the corner.


Four floors may not sound gargantuan, but there is more than enough to keep you occupied and heavily excited about in the new John Lewis. The escalator void is adorned with understated Christmas flavour, willing you to explore the floors above. This is the gateway to the understated Christmas shop that Leeds has welcomed within the new store - the perfect time to open.


A thorough mooch around the womenswear had me swooning over Loved and Found - a newbie to me, but a predicted favourite. This as well as the twinkling Christmas section, adorned with so many festive items now on my homeware wish list.

Every floor unfolds with a different attention to detail, I was on an unmarked treasure hunt to spot as many themes as I could. The favourite was draped over the camera display, a chandelier of tiny photo slides bringing some nostalgia to the newness.


I'm excited for the more to explore as the seasons change, I'll see you there?