Welcome to North of London 2.0

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16th January 2017

Welcome back, troops! North of London and I are back - for the better.

North of London, it was overdue a make-over, which somehow always got pushed to the bottom of the pile, but I hereby declare North of London 2.0, open! Get excited, because it’s now better than ever.


I’m *hoping* all is self-explanatory, it comes with all the usual suspects and a little extra. Head to the top nav bar to find your favourites or try something new, all my most-covered topics are still going to be here, unfolding into even more.

You’ll find the lifestyle of me, the beauty and fashion where everything started so many years ago - that would be 2008, throwback to the good ol’ days. And the last split, the eats, the drinks, something which happily pops up more often than the others these days.

And that final tab up there? This is what I’m most excited about. I’m still a newbie in Leeds, really, heading into my third year in the city and still discovering some of the locals’ long time favourites whilst building my own must-do list. The Leeds Guide is your map - in brief - to what has become my home and a favourite city. All of my Leeds centric reviews will be populated here. Split out by the main categories and ready for you to explore when you need some inspiration, you can find where to go for your next date night dine, or your next Untappd check-in.

The next phase of North of London is something that has me so very excited to get back to writing after such a long - briefly broken - hiatus. I hope you’ll be sticking along for the new and improved? Welcome back me, living my favourite life not in The Capital, so we’ll just call it North of London.

PS I’m all ears for any hiccups in the new look or something you think not quite right. Let me know anything you want to see, if you hate anything and keep in touch through social. Speak soonish!