The Jo Malone dupe

Written about Beauty
9th February 2017

The glass bottles twinkle in the sunlight and a variety of fresh fragrances fill the air. There's something so immensely luxe about being in a Jo Malone store and the feeling of taking away a ribbon tied bag is the ultimate finishing touch.

I was properly initiated into Jo Malone this past Christmas after dabbling in their minis the year before. I am now the nose-happy owner of the Blackberry & Bay cologne, the longest lasting fragrance I think I've ever owned. The scent has the best edge of sweetness, with a herby undertone and a really fresh finish - I still get excited to spritz it on every morning.


So, all well and good right? If only my wallet would allow. The dream is to have my own set of those glistening fragrances on my dressing table. Until then, I've helped myself out (and you), with a pretty dreamy dupe discovery.

Enter another dreamworld of a store, Oliver Bonas. Fragrance from Oliver Bonas is not likely to be the first thing you think of, but stashed next to the counter are a select range of roller ball fragrances, this is where you'll find your Jo Malone dupe if you're a fan of the Blackberry & Bay cologne.


I love the roller balls from Oliver Bonas anyway to always have in your bag, but the Blackberry Musk fragrance is such a close second to the Jo Malone offering. Slightly sweeter and not quite as mature as the Jo Malone scent, but if you're budget doesn't stretch to Malone's standard, Bonas has you covered.

The only downside of the OB fragrance is that they only do the roll-on fragrances, no full sizes, so you'll have to commit to several 20mls, instead of the various sizing options from Jo Malone. This as well as not having quite the staying power on the skin, although for the price it gives a good competition.


But, what it comes down to? A 20ml roller ball (that's hardly gone down since I started) for £10 from Oliver Bonas. Or, prices starting at £43 for 30ml from Jo Malone - unless you can nab one of their mini gift-sets.

For me, they're both main-stays in my fragrance collection, but until my outgoings permit, I'll be topping up with th roll-on once that iconic glass cube runs dry.