Veeno Wine Bar Leeds

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14th February 2017

Amongst the short ivory towers that are developing at speed in Leeds' 'West End', are the comforting Edison bulbs and twinkling lights that seem to line each of the entry floors. The warm lights perforate the dark winter nights and act as a guiding light to find your next after-work drink.


Wellington Place is likely new to you if you don't work at this end of the city, but there's much to explore in this neck of the woods. Let's start with Veeno, your local wine bar now based in the new development as the second one in the city.

The setting is that of an approachable wine cellar, meeting a border of fairy lights lining the windows. My initial exploration came by way of their Selezione wine tasting (one of three tasting session options), giving me chance to try a strong range of Veeno's wines and dabble in their charcuterie pairings with each glass.


Of course it's not just tastings available, the venue opens at noon each day. You can pick from lunch, nibbles or dinner eats throughout the day and they have a changing range of wines on offer depending on your poison.

We began the evening with a large glass of the Inzolia, their fruitiest wine. This led perfectly into the starter whites of the tasting, before moving through Veeno's one and only rose, onto the reds and finally a dessert wine. The service was next level friendly and of the tasting, I really enjoyed every wine bar the dessert option which was a closer taste to sherry, the pairing of home made tiramisu made up for it, though!



The Veeno mission is clear - to share genuinely good wines with the masses, without charging premium price at every opportunity. If you're ever unsure on wines, try the best options you can and decide from there. I don't think I ever realise how much I like wine until I get to try real, quality offerings. And with this outlet, you're getting the authentic experience throughout, the idea of Veeno conjured up by two Italians who missed the occasion of wine, nibbling and sharing food and memories as a proven relaxation with family and friends.


I anticipate the popularity will only grow as buildings sprout up around it. There are different spaces available in the venue and it's in the ideal spot to head to for your week night wine-down.