February at a glance

Written about Catch-ups
3rd March 2017

A month that can be categorised as love month, or pancake month, either way it's more than fine for me.  Obviously it flew by but here are a few of my highlights that I had to share with you.

To eat

All the pancakes! I seem to make pancakes a once a week thing at most, with a delicious weekend breakfast. This month, that has been seriously upped (my Instagram as proof) and this past week is next level. If you haven't already, go have a read of my best pancakes in Leeds, I will no doubt need to do a follow-up to that post.



To read

Even though I set myself up as a ferocious bookworm in January, I've failed on this through February. I've read one book and started three separate others. But, the one I did read is now one of my favourites. A Little Princess by Francis Hodge Burnett - you'll have no doubt seen the film but the book is (of course) even better. It's honestly a magical book and I love the style of writing. Cue me ordering a load more from this author!

Onto the next, in complete opposition, I've just started The Wolf of Wall Street which I've had on my list for a while, I'll report back.


To watch

I've made full use of Hayu this month, so some trashy suggestions are about to follow. Inbetween the trashy, I'm also rewatching Dexter from the beginning - the first few seasons (bar the murderer cop) are where it's at, but even as it goes downhill, it's worth a watch.

The trashiness is in full flow, mainly with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - the ideal easy watch and in-the-background show, it is 100% my guilty pleasure. This as well as So Cosmo which I think is on E! in America, Hayu here - it's a reality show set amongst the Cosmopolitan staff in New York and I'm obsessed, it's firing up all my beauty journalist dreams again, plus giving a bit of a sneak peek behind the scenes of the magazine giant.


To wear

OK, let's talk about how unintentionally on trend I am at the moment. I'm currently subconsciously filling my wardrobe with pink - and I like it. This dreamboat of a pink jumper comes to you from Miss Selfridge via ASOS. So warm, even with the cut out in the back, but the unreal element is in the tied, flared sleeves, I absolutely love it. Coming to an outfit post near you if the weekend weather ever plays ball.


And on beauty, I've treated myself to some new bits which I haven't done in ages. Topshop Make-up has a beautiful range of highlighters, after loving the NARS Illuminator in Super Orgasm, I opted for a similar warm version - this is Horizon, applied with a duo fibre and a light hand as it can easily get overloaded! This has been brushed on top of the raved about Infallible Total Cover from L'Oreal - not sure I'm as convinced as everyone else seems to be on this but expect a full post soon.



To do

I went to the kick-off event for The Blog Squad this month, a top event with Sara from Me & Orla talking through Instagram. It's lead me onto her podcast which I've been loving, some snippet advice on Instagram best practice without the marketing mumbo jumbo.

First holiday of the year is booked! Not the passport stamping trip, but a re-up to Finn Lough in Northern Ireland which we visited last year. It's such a great resort in the middle of absolute nowhere and I'm so excited to be going back, plus having time to head up and explore more of Belfast this time.



And of course, if you're still needing some more suggestions then click over to my online finds from Feb - the perfect list of procrastination for whatever you're currently meant to be doing.