Homesense Leeds city centre

Written about Things to do
5th March 2017

The doors slide open and it's just a few steps until you're deep into a homewares haven. Now the crowning jewel of the top of Briggate in Leeds is one of two high-street Homesense stores (the second being in Brighton). The beauty of Homesense is having that near one-off feel to most of the stock in there, if you don't buy the item you're lusting after there and then, chances are it'll be gone when you head back.

The Leeds store is set over two vast floors and no matter your budget or interiors style, you'll be lost for hours in stocking up on accessories or bigger furniture pieces.



Getting the privilege to see the store untouched increased my love of it even more. Just as with TK Maxx, the sister store of the brand, the lack of order can sometimes be the undoing to walking out empty handed. Homesense is much more tolerable as they still have small edit sections or merchandised set-ups to inspire your next purchase and usually have some general order instilled on the shelves. The pre-opening night we had to explore meant that everything was in its place with some Instagram-worthy colour coded sections.



My main obsession with Homesense comes from the accessories and kitchenware. If you're in a rented-with-furniture like me, you'll know the struggles of trying to decorate in your own style, whilst working around the existing mismatched furniture. Honestly, I'll never 100% love my interior where I am now because of that, but the finishing touches definitely make a difference.

If you stumble into the store on a good stock day, you can find well-known designer brands with a huge saving, some beautiful accessories that could be mistaken for something much more luxury. These as well as the staple organisation and cookware bits that I could get lost in for hours.



The stock is ever changing so it's the perfect place to visit ahead of or during a house move for finishing touches or the new centrepieces to your furniture. Plus, if you're another blogger reading this, it is an absolute haven for blog props - get ready to rack up some serious photography points.